Op te Brugge Graphic Design


Designed logo, website and graphical style for ‘Op te Brugge’, a home for nine people with mental or multiple complex disabilities.


By: Jan Gillesen

Client: Stichting ‘Op te Brugge’

For the new home of nine people with a mental challenge (or multiple complex disabilities), I was asked to design the new logo and graphical style. This included a promotion booklet, standard letter format, and a website.

The logo includes a lot of symbolism, which comes from the cultural history of the site where it is built. Op te Brugge’ is old Dutch for “on the bridge.” The site where it was built used to be next to a bridge over an old city canal. The bridge is displayed in 9 different stones, which symbolises the children, which are all unique in their own way. An abstract figure walking over the bridge portrays a transcendance from one place to another; a new home, new experiences.The colors used stem from the old crafts that were done in this part of town (fabric dyeing and pottery).

‘Op te Brugge’ is a warm home for these people, where each person has his or her own little appartment, and care, adjusted to their needs, in the heart of the city of Bergen op Zoom. Since it was started as a parent initiative, parents still are very involved in the care and activities of the home, making it into a big new family.

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