High 5 switch


An expressive light switch for an expressive individual, designed using Kansei principles

high5-thumbBy: Jan Gillesen

Client: -

2nd year bachelor assignment

During this assignment, an individual had to be studied, from which a light application especially for that person would be created. My subject was Jurgen. Jurgen defines himself as a very social and outgoing person. For the light application I chose a social and outgoing gesture: the High Five. I made a light switch in the shape of a hand which you could give a high five to turn on the lights. It’s a simple concept but this simplicity gives it power. The simple interaction of a switch is changed in to a extrovert morale boosting gesture.

This concept was presented in a paper at a convention in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2004. The concept is an example of Kansei design, a Japanese design principle promoted by SeungHee Lee from the university of Tsukuba, Japan.

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