Rian’s phone


A special phone for a special person, a ‘treasured object’

rian3-copy-thumb-2By: Jan Gillesen

Client: Rian Gillesen

1st year bachelor assignment

For this assignment, I had to study an individual and map the values of that person. From that information, I had to make a small object that he or she would value. I chose my sister Rian, who is mentally challenged, as my subject. During my small survey I found out that she had a soap-serie of imaginary friends around her. But she doesn’t really want other people to know. I took this theme and built her a phone, a device that can be used to have a ‘private’ conversation in public. I fitted a small voice recorder into an old Nokia phone, so she could record messages and listen to her own voice, another aspect she enjoys. The phone was coated in her favourite color: Light blue. The phone is still in use and goes along on holidays.

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