Vin Memoriam

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A concept for processing the blood of a lost loved one in wine. Combining the loss of a loved one, traditions of wine drinking, and the taboo on cannibalism.

vinmemoriam-thumbBy: Jan Gillesen, Bart Smit, Wouter Schrandt

Client: Koert van Mensvoort

Master module: Next Nature

A one week module on Next Nature (by Koert van Mensvoort) featured a design contest on creating a Next Nature concept. We wanted to use a taboo in our concept, to make sure a debate would follow from presenting our concept.

We combined the traditions of wine drinking (the etiquette and ceremonial features), with the loss of a loved one (an emotional moment) and cannibalism (a heavy taboo).

Our proposal was a wine that featured a small processed amount of blood of a loved one, as a reminder to that person. The person will then live on inside the wine, as the wine still ripes and develops inside the bottle. It can be placed on a special place in the home or, when the time is right, be drunk to celebrate one more time the memories of a special person.

We worked out the protocol and process for acquiring a bottle of this wine, which we called ‘Vin Memoriam’ (‘vin’ being French for wine)

As we hoped, our concept created a vivid debate afterwards, and won the design contest.

We also presented Vin Memoriam on the STRP festival 2007 in Eindhoven, Netherlands where we concluded the presentation by opening the bottle and toasting to our ‘dearly departed.’

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