A system of networked objects designed to support social development of highschool freshmen.

By: Jan Gillesen, Jasper Dekker, Jabe Piter Faber, Laurens Doesborgh, Sjors Eerens

Client: Microsoft Design Expo 2008

Design Master Class (M2.1)

Ennea, which is Greek for nine and symbolizes a turning motion, is the result of our six-week design project, of a team of five people. It is a system designed through an iterative proces to support the social development of high-school freshmen, who are faced with a totally new world as they go to a new school.

Interaction with other Ennea reveals the icon

Interaction with other Ennea reveals the icon

Ennea records real-life data by looking at social contact and interaction between pupils within a school environment. This is done with mobile-networked objects, which can be carried around by the pupils. The measured data is translated into one of nine easy-to-understand social roles which are represented in the shape of animal icons. The meaning of these icons and related social roles can be checked on a poster that can be hung in a tutor-classroom.

This project won the internal design competition and was featured on the Microsoft Design Expo 2008 in Redmond, USA. Our project left a good impression, with our technically working prototype.

Ennea was nominated for the Index Award 2009.


A set of working prototypes


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