An interactive and intelligent system for supporting social problem solving skills for individuals with high functioning autism spectrum disorders.

By: Jan Gillesen

Client: Health System Institute, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, US

Master Graduation project (M2.2)

The ‘refl-ex’ system guides individuals with high function autism spectrum disorder (HFASD) to experience and reflect on social situations with socially desirable outcomes. The “experience” component of the system is presented by a first person perspective with engaging illustrations and scenarios that guide the player through the activity. The “reflection” component allows the player to reconstruct his experience with the scenario,

creating a narrative that can be assessed by a clinician. The data from the experience and reflection components give a measure of narrative and social capabilities, and can be used to raise the level in of performance required by the player for example, by increasing the level of complexity or decreasing the level of guidance.

This project was piloted in the Netherlands, then continued at Georgia Tech. Experts from the fields of computer science, psychology and education all contributed to create a robust and useful system. This explorative project evolved into a research track of Georgia Tech and Georgia State University that will last for several years.

The project produced the following publications:

Jan Gillesen, Hwajung Hong, Rosa Arriaga. Refl-ex: Towards Designing An Interactive and Intelligent Tool for Social Skill Development of Individuals with HFASD/ASDesigning Pleasurable Products and Interfaces (DPPI), Compienge, France, 2009.

Jan Gillesen, Rosa Arriaga, and Mark O. Riedl. Towards Designing An Interactive and Intelligent Tool
for Social Skill Development of Individuals with HFAProceedings of the 2009 Annual Meeing for
Autism Research (IMFAR), Chicago, Illinois, 2009.

A set of interactive puzzle pieces

Base board with pieces, showing light feedback

A scenario in puzzle pieces

A scenario in puzzle pieces

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