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An application which enabled children with multiple complex disabilities to make a drawing and music by making head movements.

mozart-thumbBy: Jan Gillesen

Client: OPD De Pompon, Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands

Bachelor graduation project

MozART was my 3rd year bachelor graduation project. MozART allows children with multiple complex disabilities to do a creative activity with visuals and sound by only using their head.

When one of the child’s senses is less developed, the other sense can fill in the gap. With MozART you can create paintings, and going over the canvas creates sound effects. The painting can be saved and printed to create a physical result. For a lot of users, drawing and creating something was a first time experience, which is beautiful for both the child and the parents. We saw potential in using MozART as an expressive tool as well as an artistic tool, but this was hard to tell from just a few user tests. Next to a creative activity, MozART can also help training controlled head motion. In this way, it also becomes a therapeutic tool. During the process I’ve held a close relation with the Pompon (client), and visited the daycare for research and user testing.

In the years past this project, I worked with the daycare again on different occassions to have additional painting sessions with clients. It is a very empowering activity for the clients, and a special moment for some of the parents, receiving their first ever drawing from their child.

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